Court listings

Court listings are held in the Avon Coroner’s Court, Old Weston Road, Flax Bourton, Bristol BS48 1UL

At this time Jury inquests are being held at Ashton Court Mansion House, Ashton Court Estate, Long Ashton, Bristol, BS41 9JN

These listings are subject to change. Please check the website on the day of the hearing.

Covid-19 – Important information for attending a court hearing. In order to help us maintain safety in our court building if you are planning on attending a hearing please read the following document

Attending court information

DateTimeNameAgePlace of deathDate of deathCourtCoronerInquest Type 
20th Sept10:00Richard Allan Bennett44 yrsGeneral Hospital9/4/201Dr. S. FoxInquest
22nd Sept10:00Neil Trevor GreenawayNorth Somerset1Dr. P. HarrowingOpening
22nd Sept10:00Arramuxa Lowsley-WilliamsBristol1Dr. P. HarrowingOpening
22nd Sept10:00Maureen Jennifer NourseBristol1Dr. P. HarrowingOpening
22nd Sept10:00Katherine Anne Morgan Bristol1Dr. P. HarrowingOpening
22nd Sept10:00Shane DaviesBath1Dr. P. HarrowingOpening
22nd Sept10:00Jordan Lee WoodmanBristol1Dr. P. HarrowingOpening
22nd Sept10:00Ivan RaineBath1Dr. P. HarrowingOpening
22nd Sept10:00George Michael Elliott Bristol1Dr. P. HarrowingOpening
22nd Sept10:00Caroline Lucy OwenBristol1Dr. P. HarrowingOpening
22nd Sept10:00Nicholas John ThorneSpain1Dr. P. HarrowingOpening
22nd Sept10:00David John PreddyBristol1Dr. P. HarrowingOpening
22nd Sept10:00Daniel BrooksBristol1Dr. P. HarrowingOpening
22nd Sept10:00Evan Bertram Lintern North Somerset1Dr. P. HarrowingOpening
22nd Sept10:00Tenisha Elizabeth CooperBristol1Dr. P. HarrowingOpening
22nd Sept10:00Mark Clifford AdamsNorth Somerset1Dr. P. HarrowingOpening
22nd Sept11:00Sharon Ashe52 yrsNorth Somerset8/2/211Dr. P. HarrowingRead Inquest
22nd Sept12:00Caroline Julia Thorn48 yrsNorth Somerset28/4/211Dr. P. HarrowingRead Inquest
22nd Sept12:00William Henderson Gregory92 yrsRoyal United Hospital25/6/211Dr. P. HarrowingRead Inquest
22nd Sept14:00David John Harris69 yrsSouthmead Hospital30/6/211Dr. P. HarrowingRead Inquest
23rd Sept10:00Lily HopkinsBristol1R. SowersbyOpening and hearing
23rd Sept10:00Mark Maynard David ColmarBristol1R. SowersbyOpening and hearing
23rd Sept10:00Irene Clara GrayNorth Somerset1R. SowersbyOpening and hearing
23rd Sept10:00Anthony Charles WattsBath1R. SowersbyOpening and hearing
23rd Sept10:00Annette Louise Newman Bath1R. SowersbyOpening and hearing
23rd Sept11:00Gordon Raymond EdwardsBristol1R. SowersbyOpening and hearing
23rd Sept11:00Valerie BeechamBristol1R. SowersbyOpening and hearing
23rd Sept11:00Alan David MeadBristol1R. SowersbyOpening and hearing
23rd Sept11:00Barbara Mary WoodBristol1R. SowersbyOpening and hearing
23rd Sept11:00Albert Edward James DuddenNorth Somerset1R. SowersbyOpening and hearing
24th Sept10:00William Francis Quinn72 yrsBristol19/5/211Dr. P. HarrowingRead Inquest
24th Sept11:00Mark David Richardson 33 yrsSouthmead Hospital28/6/211Dr. P. HarrowingRead Inquest
24th Sept11:00Gareth Vaughan John59 yrsBristol Royal Infirmary19/2/211Dr. P. HarrowingRead Inquest
24th Sept12:00George Edward Sketcher19 yrsSouth Gloucestershire2/6/211Dr. P. HarrowingRead Inquest
24th Sept14:00David Victor Broomfield32 yrsBristol13/5/211Dr. P. HarrowingRead Inquest
27th Sept10:00Jacqueline Edith Jeanette Kingston73 yrsSouthmead Hospital16/3/201M. E. VoisinPre-Inquest Review
28th Sept10:00Richard John Bernard Crozier86 yrsRoyal United Hospital23/11/201M. BuckeridgeInquest
28th Sept14:00Sarah Bell55 yrsBristol Royal Infirmary10/8/201M. BuckeridgeRead Inquest
29th Sept11:00Georgina Lee Rowley35 yrsSouthmead Hospital20/5/211Dr. P. HarrowingRead Inquest
29th Sept11:00Martin John Stock63 yrsBath & North East Somerset1/7/211Dr. P. HarrowingRead Inquest
30th Sept10:00Pamela Grace Cudmore90 yrsGeneral Hospital9/4/211N. LaneInquest
30th Sept14:00Brian Francis Searle77 yrsGeneral Hospital12/11/201N. LanePre-Inquest Review
11th - 12th Oct10:00Peter Robert Carter69 yrsSouth Gloucestershire10/7/201M. E. VoisinInquest
13th Oct10:00Joan Marguerite Tanner93 yrsBristol Royal Infirmary15/11/201N. LaneInquest
2nd - 19th Nov10:00Zoe Jane Richards43 yrsBristol21/5/19Ashton CourtDr. P. HarrowingJury Inquest
7th - 9th Dec10:00Stanley Milne86 yrsSouthmead Hospital5/2/201Dr. P. HarrowingInquest
w/c 13th Dec10:00Jacqueline Edith Jeanette Kingston73 yrsSouthmead Hospital16/3/201M. E. VoisinInquest
20th-21st Dec10:00John Patrick Jones83 yrsRoyal United Hospital17/8/201R. SowersbyInquest
w/c 17th Jan (3 wks)10:00Zoë Adrienne Wilson22 yrsCallington Road Hospital19/6/19Ashton CourtR. SowersbyJury Inquest
18th - 20th Jan 10:00Chloe Juliette Callan21 yrsSouthmead Hospital21/11/191Dr. S. FoxInquest