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Court listings

Court listings are held in the Avon Coroner’s Court, Old Weston Road, Flax Bourton, Bristol BS48 1UL

These listings are subject to change. Please check the website on the day of the hearing.


DateTimeDeceasedAgePlace of deathDate of deathCourtCoronerType of Hearing 
16th - 19th April10amThomas Oliver McGowan18 yrsSouthmead Hospital11/11/161Dr. P. HarrowingInquest
24th April10amLiam-Jay White4 mthsBristol Children's Hospital6/5/171M. E. VoisinInquest
24th April10amRobyn Lily Hartrey25 yrsHome30/7/172M. BuckeridgeInquest
24th April11:30Anastassia Perchina30 yrsHome4/10/172M. BuckeridgeRead Inquest
25th - 27th April10amGraham Colin Spriggs47 yrsSouthmead Hospital28/11/161Dr. P. HarrowingJury Inquest
24th April1:30pmAlan Brigden Hall86 yrsGeneral Hospital20/11/172M. BuckeridgeInquest
26th April10amYazin Elhjaje15 yrsBristol Children's Hospital8/10/172M. E. VoisinInquest
w/c 30th April10amPeter John Maggs74 yrsRoyal United Hospital19/8/171Dr. P. HarrowingInquest
10th May10amEdith Hazel Ann Honour82 yrsRoyal United Hospital18/4/172Dr. P. HarrowingInquest
14th May12:00Shaun Terence Coles50 yrsHome20/10/172Dr. S. FoxInquest
15th May10amSean Robert McCann29 yrsHome6/9/172M. BuckeridgeRead Inquest
15th May2:00pmGiovanni Cossu38 yrsSouthmead Hospital4/1/182M. BuckeridgeRead Inquest
16th May11:30amKenneth William Lacey90 yrsGeneral Hospital6/1/182Dr. P. HarrowingRead Inquest
16th May11:30amKenneth John Clark83 yrsSouthmead Hospital11/11/172Dr. P. HarrowingRead Inquest
16th May11:30amKenneth James Garrington67 yrsHome6/1/182Dr. P. HarrowngRead Inquest
8th - 25th May10amMichaela Jane Hillman38 yrsEastwood Park2/6/161M. E. VoisinJury Inquest
14th May2:00pmGemma Bester33 yrsHome3/11/172Dr. S. FoxInquest
24th May12:00Mark Astley47 yrsBoulevard, Weston-super-Mare4/1/182Dr. P. HarrowingInquest
4th June10amJessica Louise Wootten29 yrsKelston23/8/171T. G. MooreInquest
5th June11amOsborn James Green81 yrsBristol Royal Infirmary13/9/171T. G. MooreInquest
8th June10amGraham William Fox76 yrsBristol Royal Infirmary1/7/171R. SowersbyInquest
13th June10amArthur James Ford88 yrsHome13/12/171T. G. MooreInquest
w/c 5th November (3 weeks)10amJessica Rosalie Whitchurch31 yrsSouthmead Hospital20/5/161M. E. VoisinJury Inquest