Court listings

Court listings are held in the Avon Coroner’s Court, Old Weston Road, Flax Bourton, Bristol BS48 1UL

At this time Jury inquests are being held at Ashton Court Mansion House, Ashton Court Estate, Long Ashton, Bristol, BS41 9JN

These listings are subject to change. Please check the website on the day of the hearing.

DateTimeNameAgePlace of deathDate of deathCourtCoronerInquest Type
11th Sept - 3rd Oct10:00Esam Aldin Ibrahim Dawood27 yrsBristol4/3/20Ashton CourtM. E. VoisinJury Inquest
15th Sept09:30Jonathon Richard Hastings-DasentBath1Dr. S. FoxOpening
15th Sept09:30Michael Albert WillsBath & North East Somerset1Dr. S. FoxOpening
15th Sept09:30Patricia PooleGloucestershire1Dr. S. FoxOpening
15th Sept09:30Rodney John HamlinNorth Somerset1Dr. S. FoxOpening
15th Sept09:30Pauline Theresa GlynnBristol1Dr. S. FoxOpening
15th Sept09:30Christopher David JonesBristol1Dr. S. FoxOpening
15th Sept09:30Peter Anthony BailyBristol1Dr. S. FoxOpening
15th Sept09:30Jasmine Leigh CornishBristol1Dr. S. FoxOpening
18th Sept11:00Stephen William Cassidy63 yrsSouthmead Hospital5/3/231Dr. S. FoxInquest
15th Sept10:00Dorothy Mary Page93 yrsSouthmead Hospital31/1/231Dr. S. FoxRead Inquest
15th Sept10:00Matthew James Hill63 yrsBath3/1/231Dr. S. FoxRead Inquest
15th Sept11:00Malcolm James Kenney78 yrsSouthmead Hospital6/5/231Dr. S. FoxRead Inquest
15th Sept12:00Thomas Lovell Banks22 yrsNorth Somerset25/7/221Dr. S. FoxRead Inquest
18th Sept09:30Maureen Norma Waters1Dr. S. FoxOpening
18th Sept09:30Craig Anthony Paragreen1Dr. S. FoxOpening
18th Sept09:30Ryan Barney McGarrity1Dr. S. FoxOpening
18th Sept09:30Ritchie Gilling1Dr. S. FoxOpening
18th Sept09:30Amanda Jane Goodwin1Dr. S. FoxOpening
18th Sept09:30Lee Jackson1Dr. S. FoxOpening
18th Sept09:30Albena Ivanova Tsvetkova1Dr. S. FoxOpening
18th Sept09:30Amber Pascoe1Dr. S. FoxOpening
18th Sept09:30Cynthia Ann Pendry1Dr. S. FoxOpening
18th Sept11:00Stephen William Cassidy63 yrsSouthmead Hospital5/3/231Dr. S. FoxInquest
18th Sept14:00Christopher ChardN/A1Dr. S. FoxOpening and hearing
18th Sept14:00Hilary Jean OvensBath1Dr. S. FoxOpening and hearing
18th Sept14:00Patricia Anne SmallBath1Dr. S. FoxOpening and hearing
18th Sept14:00Janet Elizabeth Mary SteelNorth Somerset1Dr. S. FoxOpening and hearing
18th Sept14:00Michael John CoxBath1Dr. S. FoxOpening and hearing
18th Sept14:00Kenneth John TippettBristol1Dr. S. FoxOpening and hearing
19th Sept10:00Maureen O'Donnell83 yrsBristol15/1/221N. LaneInquest
26th-28th Sept10:00Liam Ralph Shepherd11 yrsNorth Somerset23/3/211R. SowersbyInquest
3rd Oct10:00Carl David Picken29 yrsBath13/8/201N. LaneInquest
4th Oct10:00Royston Charles James90 yrsSouthmead Hospital3/11/221Dr. P. HarrowingRead Inquest
4th Oct10:00Bernard John Meason65 yrsSouthmead Hospital2/11/221Dr. P. HarrowingRead Inquest
4th Oct10:00Luce Ziggy42 yrsBristol10/10/221Dr. P. HarrowingRead Inquest
4th Oct10:00Richard Leslie Miles Bayliss45 yrsBristol2/7/221Dr. P. HarrowingRead Inquest
4th Oct13:00Harry Roland Ian Vass24 yrsSouthmead Hospital27/12/221M. E. VoisinPre-Inquest Review
4th Oct14:30Irene Dorothy Adamson93 yrsBristol Royal Infirmary19/11/221M. E. VoisinRead Inquest
5th-6th Oct10:00Nicola Fern Susanne Johnson27 yrsBristol16/9/211N. LaneInquest
9th-13th Oct10:00Edward Absenger0 daysRoyal United Hospital21/12/201Dr. P. HarrowingInquest
18th Oct11:00David Leadbetter64 yrsSouthmead Hospital26/11/221D. RookesInquest
23rd Oct13:30Marcus Jon Hanlin57 yrsBristol Royal Infirmary2/10/221M. E. VoisinPre-Inquest Review
24th Oct10:00Matthew Bennett Graham18 yrsNorth Somerset24/1/221Dr. P. HarrowingPre-Inquest Review
26th Oct11:30Marion Elizabeth Roberts96 yrsBristol Royal Infirmary22/3/231M. E. VoisinInquest
30-31st Oct10:00Joseph Lawrence Parker18 yrsSouthmead Hospital16/4/221M. E. VoisinInquest
1st-2nd Nov10:00Maia Ethel Kitty Esmee Jennifer Stella Schroder-Lewis21 yrsBristol1/9/221Dr. P. HarrowingInquest
w/c 6th Nov (2 wks)10:00Ashley Deane Roberts22 yrsSouthmead Hospital1/5/20Ashton CourtM. E. VoisinJury Inquest