Court listings

Court listings are held in the Avon Coroner’s Court, Old Weston Road, Flax Bourton, Bristol BS48 1UL

These listings are subject to change. Please check the website on the day of the hearing.


DateTimeDeceasedAgePlace of deathDate of deathCourtCoronerType of Hearing
w/c 3rd Jun (2 wks)10amCharlie Richard Watson22 yrsSouthmead Hospital25/10/171Dr. P. HarrowingInquest
4th June10amSusan Carol West56 yrsHome8/2/192M. BuckeridgeRead Inquest
4th June10amTalisa-Rose Smith27 yrsHome19/3/192M. BuckeridgeRead Inquest
4th June12:00John James Wright71 yrsBristol24/2/192M. BuckeridgeRead Inquest
4th June2pmMaria Jane Osbourne44 yrsSomerset Street, Bristol29/12/182M. BuckeridgeRead Inquest
5th June11amJulie O'Connor49 yrsSt. Peter's Hospice4/2/192M. E. VoisinPre-Inquest Review
6th June10amRay Jones3 mthsBristol Royal Hospital for Children4/12/182R. SowersbyInquest
12th June11amFrancis Moffor2 daysSt. Michael's Hospital10/1/192M. E. VoisinPre-Inquest Review
13th June10amMatthew James Prosser23 yrsHome21/10/182Dr. S. FoxInquest
13th June2pmGladys Edith Allan104 yrsBristol Royal Infirmary25/3/192Dr. S. FoxRead Inquest
14th June10amDavid Ronald Field75 yrsHome3/12/182Dr. S. FoxInquest
17th June10amTatiana Mimi Rose Stankovic-Davis13 yrsBristol Royal Hospital for Children23/8/172M. E. VoisinInquest
18th June10amDeon Riley55 yrsPortishead Tennis Club25/6/181Dr. S. FoxInquest
18th June2pmGary Wayne Shore51 yrsHome5/1/191Dr. S. FoxRead Inquest
19th - 21st June10amMarie Antoinette Stanton93 yrsSouthmead Hospital9/3/181Dr. P. HarrowingInquest
25th June10amCraig Stewart36 yrsSouthmead Hospital8/11/181Dr. P. HarrowingInquest
25th June10amNatalie Louise Smith34 yrsSouthmead Hospital9/11/181Dr. P. HarrowingInquest
25th June10amJohnny Walker29 yrsHome30/1/192M. BuckeridgeRead Inquest
25th June11amScott Mervyn Alexander51 yrsIndonesia7/1/192M. BuckeridgeRead Inquest
27th June10amLuke Naish28 yrsSouthmead Hospital2/10/181Dr. P. HarrowingPre-Inquest Review
27th June11amConnor James Jarvis19 yrsMarrakech4/6/161Dr. P. HarrowingRead Inquest
27th June11:30amSara Baylis31 yrsBristol Royal Infirmary30/11/181Dr. P. HarrowingPre-Inquest Review
27th June12:30pmGari Farrell23 yrsStanier Road Footbridge16/11/181Dr. P. HarrowingRead Inquest
27th June2pmNora Burns82 yrsHome24/11/181Dr. P. HarrowingInquest
w/c 1st Jul10amChristopher Mark Dunning31 yrsWeston-super-Mare28/1/181Dr. P. HarrowingJury Inquest
16th July10amGeorge Shepherd92 yrsBristol Royal Infirmary14/11/181T. G. Moore
25th- 26th July10amDavid Mark McCalla54 yrsHome14/5/181R. SowersbyInquest
8th - 9th Aug10amLibby Alessa Martin1 mthBristol Royal Hospital for Children26/3/181M. E. VoisinInquest
w/c 30th Sept (2 wks)10amAbdeslam Benelghazi37 yrsGeneral Hospital9/12/171M. E. VoisinJury Inquest