Court listings

Court listings are held in the Avon Coroner’s Court, Old Weston Road, Flax Bourton, Bristol BS48 1UL

At this time Jury inquests are being held at Ashton Court Mansion House, Ashton Court Estate, Long Ashton, Bristol, BS41 9JN

These listings are subject to change. Please check the website on the day of the hearing.

DateTimeNameAgePlace of deathDate of deathCourtCoronerInquest Type 
25th Nov09:00Sarah Jane McGregor30 yrsBristol21/4/191Dr. P. HarrowingInquest (part-heard)
25th Nov10:30Ryan Paul Dermody49 yrsSouthmead Hospital22/2/211M. E. VoisinPre-Inquest Review
28th Nov10:00Zion Elijah Jacobs18 yrsBristol28/7/211R. SowersbyPre-Inquest Review
29th Nov10:00Christopher Anthony BroomBristol1M. BuckeridgeOpening and hearing
29th Nov10:00Frederick Francis Mudge North Somerset1M. BuckeridgeOpening and hearing
29th Nov10:00Marion Rosina Maude BaileySouth Gloucestershire1M. BuckeridgeOpening and hearing
29th Nov11:00Anthony Brian Jarrett89 yrsBristol Royal Infirmary30/5/221M. BuckeridgeRead Inquest
29th Nov12:00Cara Louise Hickey35 yrsBristol31/1/221M. BuckeridgeRead Inquest
29th Nov12:00Jacob Oliver White26 yrsBristol28/8/211M. BuckeridgeRead Inquest
29th Nov14:00Eileen Rose Twycross73 yrsRoyal United Hospital23/6/221M. BuckeridgeRead Inquest
30th Nov10:00Christine MelendezBristol1Dr. P. HarrowingOpening
30th Nov10:00Liam Sean SheppardBath1Dr. P. HarrowingOpening
30th Nov10:00Lukasz NowikBristol1Dr. P. HarrowingOpening
30th Nov11:00Violet Gladys Trembeth95 yrsBristol28/5/221Dr. P. HarrowingRead Inquest
30th Nov11:00Peter Colin Jones53 yrsSouth Gloucestershire4/9/221Dr. P. HarrowingRead Inquest
30th Nov12:00Catherine Dawn Fletcher49 yrsNorth Somerset7/5/221Dr. P. HarrowingRead Inquest
30th Nov14:00Duncan James McLennan69 yrsRoyal United Hospital8/6/221Dr. P. HarrowingRead Inquest
1st Dec09:30Betty Ann Souch Bristol2M. E. VoisinOpening
1st Dec09:30Rayne Antonio HeatonBath2M. E. VoisinOpening
1st Dec09:30Alison Louise James Bristol2M. E. VoisinOpening
1st Dec10:00Henry Charles Rance60 yrsRoyal United Hospital17/10/211Dr. P. HarrowingInquest
1st Dec12:00Matthew David Sharpe26 yrsBristol24/8/221Dr. P. HarrowingRead Inquest
1st Dec14:00Brian Leonard Pope82 yrsSouthmead Hospital5/6/221Dr. P. HarrowingRead Inquest
2nd Dec10:30Zarah Amatullah Nadeem10 mthsBristol Children's Hospital8/6/211M. E. VoisinPre-Inquest Review
5th - 7th Dec10:00Frances Doreen Whale91 yrsBath & North East Somerset24/11/211Dr. P. HarrowingInquest
9th Dec10:00Karl Mitchell50 yrsSouthmead Hospital25/9/211Dr. P. HarrowingPre-Inquest Review
12th-16th Dec10:00Kayleigh Marie Luxton24 yrsNorth Somerset6/6/211R. SowersbyInquest
4th Jan10:00Lawrence Christopher Shanahan49 yrsSouthmead Hospital5/2/221Dr. S. FoxPre-Inquest Review
5th - 6th Jan10:00Connor Ryan Reilly15 yrsSouth Gloucestershire31/12/201M. E. VoisinInquest
9th -20th Jan10:00Colin James Smith71 yrsNorth Somerset29/1/211Dr. P. HarrowingInquest
23rd Jan11:30Doreen Young83 yrsNorth Somerset26/6/221M. E. VoisinInquest
24th Jan10:00Kaylee Jo Snow34 yrsSouth Gloucestershire4/4/221M. BuckeridgeInquest
25th Jan10:00Ashley Deane Roberts22 yrsSouthmead Hospital1/5/201M. E. VoisinPre-Inquest Review
27th Jan10:30Madeleine Anna Gillian Lawrence20 yrsSouthmead Hospital25/3/221M. E. VoisiinPre-Inquest Review
30th - 31st Jan10:00Charles William Lyle Keen 85 yrsSouth Gloucestershire10/8/21Ashton CourtM. E. VoisinJury Inquest
1st Feb10:00Julie Rita Tovey63 yrsBristol Royal Infirmary20/9/211R. SowersbyPre-Inquest Review
2nd - 3rd Feb10:00Richard Steven Lambert36 yrsBristol27/10/21Ashton CourtM. E. VoisinJury Inquest
6th - 10th Feb10:00Marina Beatrice Lucy Waldron21 yrsSouthmead Hospital31/3/211Dr. P. HarrowingInquest
20th - 21st Feb10:00Sarah Louise Shevlin40 yrsBristol Royal Infirmary26/12/201D. RookesInquest
27th Feb - 3rd Mar10:00Christopher Evans56 yrsBristol28/9/201Dr. P. HarrowingInquest